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The law firm has also been used by the Estonian state to investigate major money laundering cases in the U. Investigations have been initiated in several countries in connection with violations of anti-money laundering requirements by Estonian-based banks or their branches.

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This includes investigations in the U. Therefore, it is important for the Estonian state to participate in this process as actively as possible, to cooperate with the research institutions of the United States.

If, as a result of investigations, fines are imposed on banks, then [we need] to participate as a state in the distribution of fines.

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It is very important that we have a very strong and experienced partner in the United States. Louis Freeh, the leader of the advisory team to the Estonian state, said at the press conference his task is to be a guide for the Estonian Attorney General and to ensure the flow aml binance information between the US and Estonian law enforcement agencies.

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This will ensure good communication, information exchange, and coordination of bilateral and multilateral investigations. Secondly, he will work closely with the Estonian investigative bodies and offer them assistance in interviews and analysis of documents in Estonia and other countries.

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Thirdly, Freeh will offer legal assistance and support to the Estonian government regarding possible financial penalties. According to Freeh, his office intends to be very careful not to create any conflict with Estonian law, including the constitution, for example, when using personal data.

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Helme added that he did not see the possibility of a constitutional violation. Freeh said the probability that Estonian banks will receive part of the fines is very high. My goal is to get as much compensation for Estonia as possible and to assess these damages.

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It is the Southern District of New York that is the site of major international banking crimes in the United States, as it also includes the island of Manhattan. The Estonian advisory team includes Ronald K. Noble, who from to held senior positions in financial crime investigations at the US Treasury Department and from to as director general of Interpol.

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The team also aml binance Walter Donaldson, who previously served as head of fraud investigations at the commercial bank Bank of America, and several other top experts with experience in investigating international financial crimes.

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