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The rewards will come in the form of RFR tokens.

The initial campaign, funded by Refereum, is set to last until August In that time players will be rewarded for in-game actions, such as logging into the game, winning matches, and more. The firm claims it has previously offered similar rewards in games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Battlefield.

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Using their earned tokens, players will then be able to purchase games, or in-game items like skins and new weapons. The tokens, CoinDesk reports, may also siekiama prekybos sistemos apžvalgų used to tip streamers.

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It argues rewards help out, and that blockchain-based ones make them the most transparent and fair. Jones was quoted as saying: PUBG is the perfect example of a game that wants to reward its hardcore following.

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Utilizing blockchain to do so helps crypto luna terra tap into their entire playerbase of influencers with micropayments, no matter their size, instead of rewarding only the biggest names. In it, players are put on a map and have to be the last one standing to win.

Video game publisher Square Enix, for example, has discussed using the technology in the near future. Ubisoft, another gaming giant, joined the Blockchain Game Alliance inan organization that has members such as Enjin, ConsenSys, and EverdreamSoft.

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