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Can become a full time job after few months. Daily compliance monitoring of payments.

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Perform risk assessments to understand the level, significance and scope of risk. Keep up to date with, exchange crypto understand, relevant laws and regulations.

Vertėjas Phemex is a Singapore based cryptocurrency exchange that specializes in spot and derivatives trading.

Monitor compliance with laws, regulations and internal policies. Ensure that all findings are recorded and followed up with management so that issues can be rectified. Investigate irregularities and non-compliance issues.

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Report back to business functions on current risk and compliance performance. Highlight or escalate areas of concern. Contribute to robust and effective compliance controls within the organization.

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Review marketing materials, presentations and websites to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Report to company director any compliance issue.

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Prepare and submit suspicious activity report to the Lithuanian authorities. Up to date information with Bank of Lithuania when necessary. Give AML training to employees.

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Make AML assessment to employees. Up to date risk assessment and AML manual.


Attend compliance conferences to up to date with new legislation. Responsible for complaints handling procedures. What we offer approx 10 hours per week part time work flexible working pattern.

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